Castle Horror is a horror events company that specialises in large horror events and was responsible for hosting Scotland’s largest family Halloween party, which has been held in a number of castles around Scotland.

The Castle Horror team are horrifyingly good at creating horror and scare events and have accumulated a large collection of scare props which can be hired out for your very own events.

The most popular events created and managed by the CH team are the immersive zombie experiences which are designed to thrust you into your very own zombie horror movie.

When Castle Horror approached us originally, it was to provide equipment and services to run a photo booth at their popular Zombie MAYHem event on 2015.

Leading on from the success at the MAYHem 2015 event, we have continued to work with Castle Horror to provide support during their events, including Horrorween Perth 2015, Castle Horror 3, MAYHem 2016, Z’Oscars 2016, Horrroween 2016 to name a few events.

Services provided include, co-ordinating media teams, collecting footage, and creating a DVD that they would be able to sell.

  • Photo Booth, including Laptop, camera, printer and media.
  • Media Recording using GoPro camera’s.
  • DVD Creation including Cover design.
  • Screens and PC’s in order to play a looped graphics clip.