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We deliver business transformation by having a different perspective on the world of IT and business.

We give our clients the winning difference through identifying better answers. Our fast, agile and adaptable approach can flex, scale and change with your business needs.

Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

Virus and Spyware Removal

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Network Design

Cloud Services

Cyber Security

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

On Premise Solutions

Be confident that you have a strong IT estate and the foundation in place to enable your business to embrace cloud or become a fully digital business. Our fresh perspectives will you give better answers, so you can maximise your IT performance, efficiency, agility and investment.

Servers, Storage and Networking
On Premise Support

Cloud Services

Whether you’re looking to stabilise, migrate, improve or innovate, we’ll work with you to make the most of this innovative technology. Together we’ll focus on what you need. From consultancy to implementation, management and support, realise your cloud potential with us.

Microsoft 365

Productivity is at the heart of every business. Our working day revolves around technology and our workforces no longer want to be constrained to an office desk environment. Mobile working has become the norm. Which is why Microsoft has invested heavily in their MS Office 365 service.

This has transformed the way we work and consume the traditional office applications. Allowing us to access the data on any device, from anywhere.  Whilst being confident there are security controls in place to ensure what we’re doing is safe and we won’t lose any data.

With the opening of two UK data centres, Microsoft now gives UK businesses the opportunity to really take advantage of this technology regardless of the sector you’re in.

Azure Cloud Service

Public cloud is a huge topic in our industry and the rate of adoption is growing exponentially. One of the major players is Microsoft with its Azure offering. Azure provides enterprise level solutions to any business via their global data centre network.
Azure enables you to extend your on premise infrastructure and adopt cloud services easily and efficiently. Allowing you to benefit from security and management platforms that are used by many companies today. Offering you a choice as to where you run your applications.

Azure gives you access to a wide range of services that solve many business challenges, from traditional infrastructure solutions to bleeding edge innovative machine learning and IoT solutions.

Microsoft CSP

As one of Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Providers (CSP), we help streamline the way you buy and manage Microsoft’s cloud solutions. From on premise infrastructure to the cloud, all of your IT can be wrapped up in one contract, supported by a single point of contact. Making Office 365, Azure and Enterprise Mobility Suite simple to access and use.

As a Black Belt Partner our knowledge of Microsoft Cloud solutions is up-to-the minute. Our cloud experts help identify exactly the right solution for your business. We look beyond the constraints of your existing technology, to understand what your ideal world would look like and what the best solutions will be. We’ll help you move swiftly from an outline strategy through to proof of concept to full business transformation.

We provide support throughout your project or at any stage. With Swish ICT and Microsoft, your IT will be enviably competitive.

IT Consultancy

Virtually anything’s possible when you enhance technology, innovate your business or move to a digital world. We’ll help you explore these limitless possibilities and see new perspectives. From shaping IT strategy to ongoing innovation, following implementation. We offer a wide range of consultancy, project and support services.

IT Project Delivery

Delivering a successful IT or business transformation project can sometimes feel like a dark art. Identifying, implementing and delivering the right process, people and technology can be challenging. From stakeholder engagement and management through to workforce communications and implementation there are a number of things that can be missed or go wrong.

Done well, project delivery will seamlessly transition your business from imagining the ‘art of the possible’, through to delivering it as ‘business as usual’. Our Project Delivery Service focuses on ensuring a smooth transformation every time. Whatever your business need, we’ll discover and deliver what’s right for you, with you.

We have extensive experience of doing things differently. Of delivering project teams that integrate seamlessly into a business and proactively drive innovation. Whether as team players or strategic leads. Our successes have included turning around a business critical project that was 2 months behind schedule to deliver it successfully 1 month early.

IT Project Management

IT projects can be unwieldy things. Too many unknowns, not enough planning. Not the right skillsets or available resources. The list of how and why projects go wrong, fail, take too long or run over budget is very long. It doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to deliver successful IT projects, you just need the right plan in place and the right people to deliver it.
Our Project Services team can help you every step of the way. You need a project planned or managed? No problem. You don’t have the right people to deliver what your business needs, now or in the future? We can help with that. You need to align and transform your IT and business processes but can’t do this in-house? We’re experts in outsourcing and transformation.

Or maybe you’re not completely sure what the right approach is for you. You might need a project, or to bring in additional staff, or maybe outsourcing is the answer. Or a mix of all three. Our robust, proven engagement process means we are able to help you get to the right answers, quickly and clearly.

Flexible Resourcing

Business demands and challenges often mean business innovation needs to be fast, flexible and nimble. When it comes to successful IT delivery, your business & technology need to work together and you must have the right team in place. New business innovations, sudden increases in demand, or drops in capacity due to absence or leave all impact your IT delivery.

Building and recruiting a new team takes time and money. Our Flexible Resourcing Service can help supplement your business with the skills you need, when you need them. Giving you access to the right people and expertise, at the right time. And saving you time and money.

Our different perspective means we’re not afraid to ask difficult questions and challenge thinking. When the ask is for a new team to be recruited, often the better answer is to recruit a smaller number of key personnel. For example, we’ve introduced the right skills into underperforming teams and achieved dramatic, positive change.

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