Multi-cloud Provider

The fast-paced nature of the cloud challenges all of us on a daily basis. We live in a time where reference architectures cannot keep up with the drive for innovation and there are now many different cloud models.
Previously we would talk about hybrid cloud; where we would map on premise cloud to a public cloud. Now we are talking about multi-cloud; where we map on premise to various public cloud providers.

At Swish ICT we believe that just as there’s no single cloud option, there’s no single answer that’s right for everyone. Instead we always seek the right model to meet all your business needs. The wealth of information around cloud can be confusing. But with our 25 years of experience across IT, combined with the top cloud computing talent in the UK, we have developed a leading framework and tools to make the multi-cloud world a reality for our clients.

From cloud enablement to cloud brokerage

Our CloudControl service offers a simple way to make better decisions, faster. From on premise infrastructure to the cloud, all your IT is wrapped up in one easy-to-use cloud brokerage portal.

We combine all of our great platform features with a breadth of innovative fast paced public cloud technologies. To ensure you get the best of both worlds from an expert provider and strategic partner.

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