Microsoft Azure Cloud Service

Public cloud is a huge topic in our industry and the rate of adoption is growing exponentially. One of the major players is Microsoft with its Azure offering. Azure provides enterprise level solutions to any business via their global data centre network.
Azure enables you to extend your on premise infrastructure and adopt cloud services easily and efficiently. Allowing you to benefit from security and management platforms that are used by many companies today. Offering you a choice as to where you run your applications.

Azure gives you access to a wide range of services that solve many business challenges, from traditional infrastructure solutions to bleeding edge innovative machine learning and IoT solutions.

A better answer

As owners of our own data centres, we’ve been part of the evolution of how they run and operate. Meaning we’re perfectly placed to understand how to transform traditional compute workloads and move them into a cloud model.

Our consultants are experts in both on premise and the Azure cloud solutions. We’ll help you identify and implement the right hybrid cloud solutions for your business needs. We do this through our robust, proven Enablement Framework which is a blueprint that ensures speed and success in moving to a cloud service.

With over 150 services which are continually added to, Microsoft Azure can be confusing. We’ll take that pain away and help you focus on how to get the most out of the Azure platform.

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