In the world of business and IT each day brings fresh challenges and demands. How do you see the wood for the trees? How do you know an answer you’ve reached today will be a good answer to a question that you’ll get tomorrow – or in a month or years’ time?

Our Envisioning and Discovery workshops are aimed at helping you to see the bigger picture, view it from a different perspective and imagine what could be possible. Positively challenging and disrupting. Asking new questions and uncovering better answers.

We identify the quick wins – if required, what can be done to stabilise, consolidate and drive efficiencies. But we don’t stop there. We look beyond this to the truly great solutions which will deliver outstanding, long term innovation, agility and flexibility to your business.

Discovering tomorrow’s answers

Depending on your needs we run two separate or one single workshop to cover the Envisioning and Discovery stages.

Envisioning – first we ask questions. Lots of them. And we speak to a cross-section of people. From those driving business strategy and requiring answers, through to your internal consumers and implementers. Together we explore the interests, challenges, requirements and existing strategies of your business. You get a broad vision statement that encapsulates our findings.

Discovery – next we dive deeper. What does success look like? Both in the short and long term? What technology and processes will get you there? What are the quick wins and the long term goals? You get an initial roadmap, structured proof of concepts and statements of work that provide a clear way forward from here.

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