Data Assessment

Managing data is an ongoing challenge for all businesses. You need to know what data you have, how it is working, where it is stored and how it is accessed. And it’s becoming more complex on a daily basis as the amount of data we all create and receive increases all the time.
To stay in control you need a comprehensive data strategy. One that means you can understand your current data and file usage. Know how your data is performing against your existing platforms. Identify how we can help you to get the optimum return on your existing investments. And how to utilise the best storage for your needs.

We’ll help you understand your data types and structures as a critical foundation for any data analytics projects. To ensure your business is able to gain critical insight from your data both now and in the future.

Be confident in the future

Understanding what your data is doing on a daily basis is vital. Without this knowledge you can’t determine how to analyse, manage, control and support your data requirements. Our rigorous, agile approach will ensure you know everything you need to about your data.

We’ll carry out on-site, in-person interviews and a technical examination. Our assessment toolsets will provide an in-depth understanding of your data usage patterns. We’ll produce a detailed view of your existing data and file workloads. You’ll know where your data resides, how it interacts with your applications and your users.

We’ll deliver insights into encryption, compliance, performance, risks and data tiers. Our roadmap will detail a clear strategy. Giving you confidence that your data will be secure, compliant and able to continually meet your service levels.

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