Information and Cyber Security

These terms are often misused and misunderstood, because they have very similar meanings. Both information security and cyber security can be defined as the practice of protecting information from unauthorised access, use, or theft.

The key difference is the actual type of data that is being affected. Cyber security tends to relate only to electronic, or digital security, while information security includes both digital and physical information.

Cyber security is, quite simply, about understanding and mitigating risk. It can be a huge enabler for organisations and is key to modern business efficiency. The cyber threat has evolved rapidly over the years and new legislations have also increased the need for organisations to protect against attacks or breaches.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

We provide managed Cyber Security services to help reduce and mitigate many forms of cyber threats. This includes Dark Web Monitoring, Security Awareness Training, Network Security Testing, Penetration Testing and Network Monitoring.

Incident Response

Network Security Testing

Cyber Security Awareness

And lastly, Don't Panic!!

Preventing Data Loss

Preventing Data Loss

Data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and the Data Protections Act 2018 require you to ensure sensitive data is properly managed.  Swish ICT is able to offer Symantec DLP, and configure it to identify sensitive data (including that defined by GDPR).  Symantec DLP uses a variety of advanced data detection techniques to identify data in many forms.

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