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In today’s digital world, everyone needs protection. Only Acronis’ proven, integrated approach delivers easy, efficient, reliable and secure cyber protection for all data, apps and systems.


SAPAS: The Five Vectors of Cyber Protection

As data volumes grow and methods of access change, safeguarding your data – and the applications and systems that rely on it – involves addressing complex and often competing considerations. Called the Five Vectors of Cyber Protection, Acronis has developed a unique approach that successfully balances these requirements.


The Modern World is a Digital World

Practically every aspect of the modern world is driven by data and our reliance on digital assets will only increase in the future. To ensure their survival, companies need solutions that address all Five Vectors of Cyber Protection.

Benefits of Choosing Cyber Protect

Total Cost of Ownership

Control your data protection costs no matter how much data you’ve got to deal with. Acronis’ solutions are cost-effective and offer a transparent predictable licensing model with no hidden costs.


Acronis prevents your data from being corrupted, encrypted or otherwise altered without authorization through its integrated AI-based anti-malware defense, encryption, and secure backup storage.


Battle-tested for 15+ years by millions of users and in more than 100 data centers across the globe, Acronis solutions are proven to easily protect and quickly restore your data – whatever happens.

Full Control

With Acronis, you completely control your protection – including access to data, storage locations, file authenticity, etc. – so you’re always compliant with corporate or regulatory requirements.

Ease of Use

Acronis’ intuitive, touch-friendly interface ensures our solutions deliver a smooth, efficient user experience, so you can manage your protection simply while freeing valuable IT resources.

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