Our custom web hosting platform

Here at Swish ICT, we took careful consideration with our web hosting platform. When we first started we were hosting our websites using resold servers, ones that we didn’t have full control over, and over time it became apparent that these servers weren’t quite performing as we would have liked, in addition to this, software updates weren’t getting applied as timely as we would have liked. 


In light of this, we have dedicated time to creating our own web hosting platform, one that’s quick and responsive, and that we can control the update’s being applied, along with the configuration and protection of these servers. 


Our new hosting platform provides 

  • Teir 1 connectivity (Our servers are hosted in a London Data Center with high capacity internet peering), which has redundancy built into its core. 
  • WordPress plug-in updates are applied nightly 
  • WordPress theme updates are applied nightly. 
  • Full database and website backups happen nightly. 
  • Full server backups (Daily backups are kept for 7 days, Weekly Backups for 4 weeks, and Monthly Backups for 6 months). These are stored in an independent system to the web hosting platform, and are encrypted using AES-256. 
  • Constant monitoring of the server, so that if a problem occurs, we’ll be notified within minutes and be able to resolve as soon as possible. 
  • All servers are fronted by firewalls, which is independent of the hosting servers. 


All of these help to ensure that your website is fully protected, and as secure as reasonably possible.