Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud is the answer to everything, right? But it’s not that simple, as you know. Cloud might be one answer but there’ll be many more. Which type of cloud solution? What should be moved to the cloud? What are the business drivers and how are these aligned?

A clear strategic roadmap is essential for successful cloud adoption. Our Cloud Readiness Assessment can help with that. We’ll work with you to fully understand your existing IT estate. We’ll ensure you can be confident your services and applications will work in whatever cloud solution is right for you.

Whether a private, native, hybrid or multi-cloud model is right we’ll assess what cloud technology is already in use across your business to inform the best way forward. We’ll uncover those pockets of hidden shadow IT. Then create a clear plan for bringing everything together under enterprise-ready control.

A better answer

Achieve increased efficiency and better performance by moving the right services and workloads to the cloud. To do this well you need to start with an audit of what you’ve got. This can be time-consuming and complex. We have the right experts, processes and tools to do this quickly and efficiently.

In collaboration, we’ll ask the right questions, look in the right places, at the right things. And you’ll get to avoid the risks, higher costs and failures of an unplanned move.

We’ll carry out on-site, in-person interviews and a technical examination. Through our assessment toolsets and Cloud Readiness Assessment report we’ll think big and bravely to achieve superior outcomes. Giving you a clear view of what gaps you have and what will stop you moving forward. Providing you with key insights to support your overall cloud strategy.

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